Research in International Marketing

Countries complete their data whether through research units of their organizations or international marketing organs, therefore they make plans for their import and export commodity.

Price difference, kind of services and lack of technology of production are main reasons for international exchanges (transaction, bargain, dealing, treatment, intercourse).

Also, difference in supply and demand terms, production equipment, consumption patterns or the combination of these, cause difference in price.

Having different natural resources, efficiency, work skill, levels of production technology, abundance of production factors and so on may be the cause for difference in supply terms. However, difference in supply terms is not the only reason for price difference, but it may be due to the demand terms that are often formed by difference in level of incomes and consumption patterns of countries.

Therefore, the research organs in the field of international marketing, by identifying these factors with up to date and scrupulous analyzing and examining political and social situations of the destination country, have professionally reduced their customer’s risk-taking level, thus create investment safety for importers and exporters.


Deputy of commercial affairs of TARH O TOSEEYE AZAR FROUZAN company, carries out professional services of research in the field of international marketing with cooperation of domestic and foreign partner companies in the shortest time. And by interacting with business offices and agents of contract party in the following countries, With the help of native experts, it will interact with foreign buyers to enter into contracts:

  • Russia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Armenia
  • Nakhchivan
  • Turkey
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Azerbaijan
  • South Africa
  • Iraq

In order to do any research on international marketing, export any kind of products such as dried ones, food, building stones, handcrafts, petrochemicals, and notification of cooperation terms, you can fill a special form of international trade consultation, therefore we can contact you.