company strategy

  • Using the capacity to attract capital and investment opportunities.

  • Create experienced units to promote the subject of the company to subsidiary companies.

  • Encourage foreign and domestic investment in accelerating projects.

  • Active and effective presence in international and professional associations.

  • Create a structure to implement projects for providing financial services for the groupe activities.

Mission of the company

  1. Business Services Activities

    Establishing a hospitality for business services activities of students and experts in all sciences related to the projects and subject of the company



  2. New ideas and designs

    Use new ideas and initiatives to create revenue and entrepreneurship

  3. Establishing a participatory system

    Establishment of a collaborative project system in projects and services as a civil partnership

  4. Attract investor

    Attracting an investor in all civil partnerships

  5. Optimized system management

    The optimal management of the collaborative system and the creation of synergies between associate and partner companies